Why pharmacogenetic saliva testing?

ENSr Medical, Inc. was established  to provide a simple, safe, effective strategy for the treatment of pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.  As a starting point, physicians are able to use a Medicare covered, pharmacogenetic saliva test to determine how an individual patient metabolizes drugs. This information then guides dosing decisions and medication selection/treatment options based on the individual genetic information.

Simple Strategies for Patient Centered Care

This strategy, the ENSr Approach, also  enables physicians to quickly identify patients that are not candidates for pharmacological options and subsequently offer choices for treatment using non invasive neuromodulation. ENSr also advocates the use of neurotransmitter testing, this enables the physician to have baseline data that determines what neuro-endocrine imbalances exist, and then after the treatment has been conducted, another test can establish what changes have occurred, resulting in measurable outcomes.

The process is simple, covered by Medicare and by many insurance companies, and provides patient centered care.

ENSr Medical, Inc.  is your partner in improving patient outcomes, while decreasing the cost of health care.